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The Bible & Training Institute of Michigan

"Equipping Students for Excellence in Ministry for Jesus Christ"

About Us

The Bible & Training Institute of Michigan

offers a wide variety of courses for anyone interested in a deeper knowledge of the Word of God.

Our purpose is to present the Word of God in such a manner that it will be readily understood by all and will bring our students into a vital and effective relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. The students will then prove to be channels for further spreading of the Word and strengthening of the testimony of Bible -believing churches.

We seek to provide a concentration of Biblical and Theological studies, to both lay-persons as well as Ministers, Missionaries and Deacons to better prepare them for service in their local churches.


15727 Plymouth Rd.

Detroit, MI 48227

(313) 706-0073

Hours of operation:

Thursdays: 6PM - 9PM

Every 2nd & 4th Saturday: 12AM - 3PM

Online ZOOM classes:  (Call for details)

(September - June yearly)

Closed: M-T-W-F & Sun

Courses Now Being 


  • Deaf Culture I & II
  • Apologetics
  • Biblical Doctrines I & II
  • Church of God in Christ History/Polity
  • Christian Ethics
  • Creation vs Evolution
  • Cults "What Do They Believe"
  • End-Time Prophecy
  • Evangelism
  • Hermeneutics
  • History of Christianity
  • Homiletics
  • Leadership
  • Old & New Testament Survey
  • Panoramic View of Revelation
  • Pauline Epistles
  • Pictures of Christ through the Old Testament Tabernacle
  • Prison Epistles
  • Share Jesus Without Fear
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Understanding People
  • Theology I & II

      You will be able to receive an Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies all the way to a Master of Arts in Ministry or Theology. There are three tracts of study that will be accomplished while attending:

1. Traditional (In class)

2. Intensive Seminars (every 2nd

     & 4th Saturday)

3. Independent Study (Homework)

Courses in the near future

  • Computer Training
  • Literary English (utilizing the Bible)
  • Math Can Be Fun
  • Science (from a Christian Perspective)
  • Art Appreciation
  • Drama
  • Hymnology
  • Media Arts and Video Production
  • Music & Vocal Training
  • Puppet Ministry
  • Praise Dance Ministry

"Come and be a part of this

wonderful school"